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Questions And Answers On Wood - Plastic Composites

Jul 12, 2017

1, Q: WPC is a kind of wood?

A: WPC is not a wood, it is a kind of man-made sheet, the basic raw material is cellulose and plastic particles, cellulose and plastic different, resulting in wood plastic also have different gaps, the current popular two kinds of wood plastic categories are: PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic

2, Q: wood plastic can be used where?

A: PE wood plastic is generally used for outdoor landscape, railings, corridors, seaside plank road, villa courtyard, exterior decorative panels; PVC wood is mainly used for indoor bedroom, restaurant, study, living room and other interior decoration and The use of plate furniture, such as: cabinets, cabinets, tables, chairs, benches and so on.

3, Q:Wood - plastic composite and wood compared to what kind of material better, where is it?

Wood is better than wood, the advantages: wood can be effective flame retardant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, do not rot, anti-oil, anti-chemical corrosion, sunscreen, pest control, temperature difference, wood affinity, as well as plastic high strength The

4, Q: how to install Wood - plastic composite ?

A: wood-plastic pavement need keel support, keel need to use the expansion screw fixed on the hardening of the road or high steel frame, wood plastic floor need to connect with the connection.

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