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Plastic Wood Material Cause A New Fashion Trend In Mideast Balcony Decoration

Jun 05, 2017

Balcony is the only channel between a home and outdoor, and when we think about connecting the home and outdoor site together in harmony, to design a beautiful balcony is the most effective way. For the recent time, the rural natural style has captured the hearts of modern people, especially in the home decoration field it has become popular like the fresh wind. And the plastic wood material is a perfect decorative material for this rural style, so we can see more and more people choose plastic wood to replace real wood or ceramic tile, to build a personal world in balcony like a garden.

Plastic wood material has been used widely in villa decoration and this trend is going to spread wider and wider. Balcony is the space which close to outdoor environment and can get more light than other space in home, but sometimes it would be humid too because of outside weather like wind and rain. So a kind material with good performance of weather resistance, for example  plastic wood, is a good choice of it. Laying plastic wood on the balcony can build a warm and sweet feeling easily, is a totally different feeling compare with ceramic tile, also more elegant surface than anti-corrosive wood.

In Mideast area, the decoration is limited by material features, produce process and customs or other factors, so the use of color is simple in a way. By now most home decoration in Mideast area prefer to use nature color and the result is a plain feeling. In order to make a brand new expression of home decoration, our designer has created and tried new colors in a project. From the skirting line to wall panel full of rich colors and also keep a harmonious feeling. Plastic wood composite material can meet the personalized color requirement and provide an outstanding effect.


Plastic wood has various good features, such as anti-UV, anti-chemical erosion, almost no color fading, high strength, easy to maintain and install, etc. Set aside a certain space on the ground, and keep a certain gap between two planks when laying the balcony floor, so that to guarantee plastic wood floor easy to drain away the water, clean and wipe.

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