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Plastic Wood And Wood Plastic Is Actually A Concept

May 24, 2017

"Plastic wood" and "wood plastic", in fact, is the same concept. The English abbreviation is WPC. WPC is defined in the American Society of Materials and Experiment Standards as: "acompositemadeprimarilyfromwood-or Juan cellulose-basedmaterialsandplastic (s)". Literal translation is a "mainly by the wood or cellulose-based materials and plastic (also a variety of plastic) made of composite materials."

"Plastic wood" and "wood plastic" different title to the production, the use of personnel to bring trouble, especially for the initial contact with the product. I think the unified named "plastic wood" more appropriate. There are four reasons: First, the material is mainly used to replace wood, is a plastic and wood fiber synthesis of the "wood"; Second, China's production of wood products in the wood fiber content are mostly greater than 50% The third is in the definition of American standards in the expression of the meaning of wood fiber-based raw materials, "wood" is the main; Fourth, domestic and foreign alias for such materials, such as "plastic wood", "green wood", Japan "Love for wood" and so on, are stressed that "wood", so called "plastic wood" more reasonable.

Foreign articles introduced in the US WPC market, the United States on the fiber and natural fiber filler is also some confusion, some called Plasticlumber, and some called WPC. Login related to the website can be seen in the United States, in addition to the name of WPC, "RPL" appears the frequency is also high. It is the abbreviation of "recycleplasticlumber", where plastic is the attributive of lumber and therefore should undoubtedly be translated into "plastic wood", which is defined as "an artificial product consisting of more than 50% of the resin that can be filled or not filled, It may also consist of a single or mixed resin ". The difference between "WPC" and "RPL" is that WPC is filled with wood fibers, and RPL also includes wood without fillers. WPC plastic can be new, it can be recycled material, and RPL in the plastic is only recyclable plastic recycling.

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