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Plastic Identification Code

May 12, 2017

Plastic identification code: 

wood is a high-density, high-strength composite materials, but also a new industry, is the country, the international concern of the industry, market share, market share, year after year Since the emerging industry, the development of space Of course, will be great, has become a lot of investors concerned about the intersection, while wood also need more room for growth. But as the industry staff, in order to truly become a leader in the wood plastic line, it must be on raw materials, production technology, industry technical level, understand clearly, every link should be thoroughly understood production. 

Wood raw materials in terms of focus on the main raw materials under the wood in an important species, plastic. Two points 1 plastic identification method 0.2 plastic identification of plastic testing: hope, smell, touch, scientific equipment testing. 

However, it is not recommended here. It is recommended to use advanced equipment for professional quality testing, this method, safe, accurate identification of high plastic types: do not know if you have not noticed that some plastic caps or bottom of the bottle will be similar to the triangle with the code and logo, Here I am with you to analyze the number 

1: on behalf of PET 

2: on behalf of high-density polyethylene 

3: on behalf of pvc 

4: medium density polyethylene 

5: Page 

6: PS 

7: PC each representative of different types of plastic products, The use of stuff is also different, it is recommended not clear in the case, do not easily re-use of plastic products, especially plastic bottles of products.

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