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Outdoor Wood Flooring How To Clean -teach You The Right Way

Jun 22, 2017

All outdoor building materials need to be cleaned, preservative wood needs to be painted every year maintenance, tiles need high pressure water gun spray, and Wood - plastic composite floor only need simple cleaning.


1. In general, there is only dust on the wood flooring, then clean the floor of the bare feet only need soap and water is enough.


2. debris like garbage, such as scraps of paper, leaves, etc., with water spray. Spray can not afford the dirt need to use warm soapy water and soft brush to remove, gently brush to go.


3. How to do with hard water?

Hard water is a lot of minerals containing water, such as lime, silica and calcium.

When the water is dry, the sediment is left, the surface will leave ugly spots, do not worry, use a wet cloth to wipe the water wipe.

 WPC decking (4).jpg

4. oil or grease food, accidentally sprinkled on the floor, the need to note that oil and grease can penetrate into the wood within the floor of the floor, leaving a stink imprint mark, then we need to use clean Fine or other decontamination detergent to clean the floor.


5. Sometimes mold will fall on the floor, pollen and dirt and other debris to stay on the floor surface, the mold can be taken on the biofilm, paste the surface of the groove is the floor, very easy to die mold. It is recommended to remove the food source and mold with a hose and warm soapy water and soft brush.


6. If the surface is scratched, marked or worn, use sandpaper to gently polish.


Tips: Do not use acetone or other solvents to clean the floor, will easily lead to damage.