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No Paint Non-slip Outdoor Wood-plastic Composite Floor

Aug 17, 2018

For many shopping malls, it is important to choose the right floor in an outdoor environment. After all, the outdoor and the indoor are not the same, and the factors that need to be faced are several times more. Especially when it is raining or snowing, the floor use of the mall is even more critical, especially for the anti-slip. There have been many shopping malls that have been claimed for falling out of the door. Therefore, after the appearance of the non-painted anti-skid outdoor wood-plastic composite floor, it has been recognized by many shopping malls.

Excellent anti-slip performance

This outdoor floor can be liked and supported by everyone. Its excellent anti-slip ability is sure to bear the brunt. It is because of its excellent performance in this aspect that it will appear in the outdoor paving of various shopping malls. In addition to the excellent performance of non-slip, the non-painted anti-skid outdoor wood-plastic composite floor can be accepted by everyone, and because of its pressure resistance is also quite good. For many traffic-intensive shopping malls, the pressure on the floor is very huge. At this time, the pressure resistance is very important.

Excellent plasticity

For the shopping mall, everyone needs to add some unique designs when laying the floor, so that they can attract the attention of consumers and attract everyone to enter the mall to consume. In the past, wood flooring or floor tiles were very poor in terms of plasticity, and naturally could not meet the needs of shopping malls. Today's non-painted non-slip outdoor wood-plastic composite flooring has a very good performance in this respect, we can add some different designs at will, showing the best effect that the mall wants.