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New Ideas For Welding WPC Materials

Oct 31, 2017

Wooden furniture welding has always been a headache problem, adhesives are generally toxic, how to weld WPC Materials are more durable, more powerful?

Germany South Germany Plastics Center (SKZ) on the wood-plastic composite welding performance of the in-depth study. The components of the samples are polyethylene, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, respectively.

And different content of wood fiber compound made. Three different welding methods were used for these materials: Welded joints, butt welding, ultrasonic welding and vibration of polypropylene-based wood-plastic composite materials with 60% wood fiber under the butt welding of thermal welding equipment.

Such as the use of thermal welding equipment butt welding, welding is a 50% wood fiber composition of the PVC material, can achieve 0.66 of the welding factor if the wood fiber content of 60% of the polypropylene profiles, welding factor can reach 0.75. The welding factor represents the ratio between the weld connection strength and the inherent strength of the material. If the use of ultrasonic welding, welding is a polypropylene injection sample, which wood fiber content of 30%, 40% and 50%, then the welding factor range of 0.61 ~ 0.65 If the PVC-based wood-plastic composite vibration Welding test, which wood fiber content of 50%, then in this case, the welding factor can only reach 0.42. These factors have the possibility of improvement, such as the use of adjusting the welding and maintaining the pressure. The samples of the three welding methods were microscopically examined and found that the fiber arrangement direction of the wood fibers was parallel to the welding connection plane in the butt welding and ultrasonic welding of the hot welding equipment. In the case of vibration welding, the fiber direction is opposite to that of the welded connection, resulting in a decrease in the tensile strength at the solder joint.

The welding technology of the composite WPC Materials greatly enlarges the application range of this kind of material. As the welding parameters and the relationship between the formula is very close, therefore, according to the above results can not be drawn on the specific composite WPC Materials to guide the recommendations.