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Major News, Wood Plastic Composite Material Springtime Has Arrived

Jun 26, 2017

Wood - plastic composite has the characteristics of plastic and wood, PVC wood can be used indoors, PE wood plastic suitable for use in the outdoors. At present, wood and plastic can be used for outdoor products are: floor, fence, handrails, corridors, flower boxes, leisure benches, wall panels and many other aspects of outdoor public facilities become an important application of plastic wood composite materials.

For the present city, the public leisure space is the city's essential, public facilities is essential. Urban public space and public facilities play an important role in the image of the city, and now the international metropolis for space and facilities requirements are more stringent, convenience, friendly, requirements of the entire city environment, humanities play a role in upgrading.


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Outdoor leisure space demand, covers an area of large, many people and other characteristics of the service. If the use of wood-plastic materials, environmental protection, strong, durable and other characteristics, from the outdoor green project cut, I believe that does not take long,Wood - plastic composite will usher in its own spring, so that our lives become more beautiful.