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Low-carbon Environmental Protection, Driven By The Rise Of Wood Flooring

Jun 13, 2017

China is a country with poor wood resources. Due to excessive deforestation, green barrier damage, dust storms intensified, the recycling of resources and the protection of the ecological environment more and more attention, which the development of wood flooring products to create a very Good environment. Wood flooring is quietly popular, it is low carbon, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable to conquer the hearts of many consumers, experts assert that the future of wood flooring will replace the solid wood flooring, flooring industry trend to become a new trend.

Wood plastic floor, as the name suggests is a combination of solid wood and plastic, with waste plastics and waste wood, agriculture and forestry stalks and other plant fibers to do the substrate, while maintaining the solid wood floor affinity, but also has a good moisture and water, , Fungi, antistatic, anti-moth and other functions. Wood plastic floor quietly popular low carbon environmental protection has come to the fore.

 At the same time, wood flooring can be recycled, called the true sense of the low-carbon, environmentally friendly, recyclable ecological wood-plastic materials. For consumers, the wood-plastic floor is an energy-saving environmentally friendly products, not only can be a good control of harmful emissions, but also to do the role of waterproof and moisture on the ground. Experts believe that wood flooring is a new type of detection materials, in line with people on the pursuit of circular economy, to promote the purpose of low-carbon environmental protection, can be used for landscape, interior and exterior decoration, floor, guardrail, flower pond, pavilion and other places, Become the trend of the future trend, a home decoration and large outdoor projects commonly used in building materials. Recently, the quality of wood and plastic floor with its low-carbon environmental protection, by consumers generally favored, popular market.
Compared with similar products, wood flooring both low-carbon environmental protection and affordable. Wood-plastic material itself does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde emission to meet the national E0 level standards, the real low-carbon environment-friendly materials; and wood flooring, laminate and composite interior needs adhesive, the internal containment of formaldehyde, The amount of emissions is basically E1; compared to ordinary tiles, its environmental protection is often overlooked, although not formaldehyde, but the tiles with natural radioactive, more or less harm to the human body, most of the tiles are only reached the country Within the defined health standard.
Wood plastic floor of its main features: raw materials, product plasticization, the use of environmental protection, cost economy, recycling and recycling. Wood-plastic composite materials are gradually entering the decoration, construction and other fields. Its popularization and application can save a lot of natural wood, is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment, wood-plastic composite materials as a new environmentally friendly materials gradually by the people's attention, become the market "darling."

Coowin Group has become a low-carbon environmental practitioners, very early production of wood flooring production and sales, is now exported to North America, the United States, Canada; Europe, Britain, Norway, Poland, Iceland; Asia, South Korea, As well as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bolivia, Australia, more than 80 countries and regions, and the company has the United States, South Korea, Norway and other countries to establish a deeper level of cooperation. "Coowin" people in the low-carbon environmental protection on the road continue to break through innovation, tireless, low carbon environmental protection is in the end.