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Low Carbon Environmental Outdoor Decking Manufacturer

May 31, 2018

Low-carbon environmental protection can be said to be a problem that all manufacturing companies in China are now paying attention to. After a period of rapid development, better and faster development has become China's current mainstream tone. In this context, our choice of many materials will also take into account low carbon and environmental protection. For example, in the selection of outdoor flooring, this aspect is also highly valued. Nowadays, there are many excellent low-carbon and environmentally-friendly outdoor floor manufacturers. The main materials they choose are two types, namely familiar wood and plastic materials.



Plastic wood material advantages

The reason why low-carbon and environmentally-friendly outdoor flooring manufacturers choose plastic wood material is because of its excellent use effect, and it is also widely recognized in terms of environmental protection. It is actually a brand-new composite material obtained through the use of new technologies for the treatment of bamboo or waste wood. It not only retains the high value of the wood itself, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Relative to other composite materials, plastic wood materials can be recycled for recycling and are very low carbon. If you do not want to continue to use it, it can also be biodegraded, without any threat to the environment, completely pollution-free.

Advantages of plastic material

Relatively speaking, the plastic material is stronger than the plastic material in all aspects, but its scope of use is not extensive, because the cost of this material is too high for a low-carbon environmentally friendly outdoor flooring manufacturer. development of. However, its advantages are enormous. It is not only resistant to acids and alkalis, corrosion resistance, cracking, and maintenance. It is suitable for use in various environments; it is also non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. Therefore, in some occasions with high demand, we will generally choose plastic materials to be the first choice for flooring.