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Independent Design 3D Embossed Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking

Aug 27, 2018

For a long time, many people have a dissatisfaction with the plastic wood decking, that is, it has a certain gap between the design of the shape and the traditional wooden decking, which is the familiar value of the problem. In the past, we designed the wood-based decking to pay more attention to the practicality, so we did not pay much attention to the appearance. With the plastic wood decking gradually entering the home decoration and shopping malls, the problem of insufficient value is very prominent. Because of this, the independent design of 3D embossed outdoor wood-plastic decking will be made by the enterprise, winning everyone. Unanimous recognition.


Excellent pattern design

Its solid wood decking has always been insufficiently expressive because it is insufficient in plasticity, but with its excellent materials and excellent natural texture, it is still very good in appearance. The plastic wood quality is slightly insufficient in the latter, but it also has its own advantage, that is, the plasticity of this material is very good. Therefore, after adding the 3D embossed design, its performance has been greatly improved. It can present a rich pattern, and from this point of view, it has the advantage of the decking.


The price is not very high

However, it must be noted that from the current development point of view, 3D embossing technology is still not very popular in China, so its cost is very high. Therefore, the price of independently designing 3D embossed outdoor wood-plastic decking is very high. After all, the price of wood-plastic decking is not cheap. Therefore, if you want to use this kind of decking, it is best to use it in a small store where there is a certain demand for aesthetics. For home use, we can also consider the exquisite space such as the balcony, which is not suitable in the bedroom.