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How To Measure The Quality Of Raw Materials

May 15, 2017

Today, finishing the next computer folder, inadvertently saw the previous finishing over the form of wood plastic formula. At this time without recalling the situation at that time finishing the situation, that day is also a temporary rise, just enter the wood when the plastic industry are listening to others that the performance of this additive is what the role is, how to identify. Machines, equipment how to operate, how to adjust the plate. How to make the plate more smooth, better, faster, more stable, squeeze, granulation, what kind of particles is qualified, how to solve the problem, make the particles occasionally not easy to use, how to solve and many more.

To now the proportion of wood plastic recipes, functions are also aware of the outdoor floor of the color, those colors can make customers prefer, what kind of recipe on the outside is not easy to fade. These are personally experienced. But the only difference is that through practice, and the teachings of the older generation, but as is not the case, did not go to verify, I suddenly felt today, now is the Internet age, network users more. If everyone in the peers is talking about a product, and only the difference is not all, then the accuracy I believe will be higher.

Of course, I am not suspected of predecessors, but not despise the experience of predecessors, I personally think that the network is a resource available, only to integrate all the information in their own hands, wherever they go, know how to obtain resources, Plus practice, do not have the future, there must be something.

Give a simple example: to take titanium dioxide for it, before the understanding of titanium dioxide is a pigment, high temperature, with high thermal stability, after high temperature, there is a good dispersion of the price also know that. On the Internet a check, titanium dioxide is divided into two types: rutile and anatase two titanium dioxide. The difference is that the crystal is not the same, at high temperatures, there is no difference in dispersion, color adhesion is also some difference, the price is certainly not the same, the price is not very suitable for wood-plastic materials, Not ideal, the strength of the plate is not very good test, can not meet customer needs.

As a manufacturer, here I want to go with all the colleagues in the line, bought and will soon buy PE wood plastic materials friends, anything is not absolute, high prices, rare, high prices, there is this Of the reasons, the production process is complex, high cost, service, good attitude, good packaging, and so will affect the price, but not the price of things must be good, the key to meet the demand.

 As a manufacturer, to measure the quality of raw materials will not be used to measure the price, the first quality of the premise of the standard, the two put into the production can be successfully produced, whether the effective use of products, production, practice, weather How about sex. That is, manufacturers will pay attention to product quality at the same time will pay attention to the life of the product, the last one is the product of production efficiency, which is indispensable between the product appearance, intrinsic quality, service life, the service is our company's primary.