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How To Choose The Best Quality Bamboo Plate

Apr 14, 2017

Today, many users are more concerned about the issue is the quality of bamboo plate, bamboo plate determines the quality of the core of the market operations, bamboo and wood compared to wood, bamboo peach bamboo plate is the pursuit of product quality, environmental characteristics. Now the market presents many kinds of bamboo plate, the product quality difference is relatively large, good and bad, which makes many consumers very difficult to choose, today Xiaobian just like to share with you how to choose the best quality bamboo plate.

1, we need to check the appearance of bamboo plate surface, first observe the surface is not uniform, full, smooth, bubbling, perforation and other phenomena. As well as the interface of the lubrication, fingers along the slot touch, is not a rough feeling.

2, we need to test the stability of bamboo plate size, if we have conditions can be sawing 200mm, long material at 80 ℃ or so, placed about 1 hour to see the deformation of bamboo plate, if the deformation is relatively large, you can not Use at high temperatures.

3, we need to pay attention to see the anti-counterfeit labels bamboo plate to see if it is not a regular manufacturer of products. Must check the manufacturer's trademark, address, etc., must choose a security password and other measures to deal with the product, so that the relative trust higher.

4, we have to look at the environmental protection factor of bamboo sheet, green is now the most important conditions for decoration, and now bamboo plate is the market is very environmentally friendly, but also sustainable use of the decoration materials.