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How To Avoid Bending The Composite Wood Board?

Jun 22, 2018

Nowadays, the furniture decoration will always consume a lot of time and energy. Even though there are various imperfections in the decoration process, the best way for the fitter is to have a problem before the problem arises. To do a good job of preventive measures, only in this way can the decoration effect be performed better. One of the special points to note here is how to avoid the problem of bending the composite wood board. Some people have problems because they do not pay attention to the final completion of the renovation. It's a very annoying thing.


In the face of these complex situations, how to avoid bending the composite board? In fact, a composite wood board is a kind of multi-layered frontal plywood. The original types of substrates, including the processing technology, all have a certain influence on it, and even cause bending deformation. Next we will analyze what causes the bending and deformation. The cause of the deformation may be that the raw material of the base material is a miscellaneous wood, and an asymmetrical stress is formed on both sides of the center layer of the base material, resulting in bending and twisting of the composite wood board. Therefore, when choosing raw materials, it is necessary to choose the tree species with the same proportion and material as the wood.

Another situation is the moisture content of the composite board. Generally, in the case where the moisture content of the board is large, the distribution of the moisture content of the various parts of the finished substrate is not uniform after passing through the coating and hot pressing. The machine comes out flat, but once the moisture content is rebalanced, it will be bent. Therefore, to control the process requirements for the moisture content of the veneer, it is best to balance the moisture content before hot pressing.