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Give Full Play To The Value Of Bamboo Plate

Apr 14, 2017

Bamboo plate as a solid wood plate, it has a very market space, interlaced, such as Geshan, other industries and we may deal with every day bamboo products unheard of, it is not surprising, as the value of bamboo plate, it is a head Foggy. As a newly emerging environmentally friendly building materials, bamboo is a much lower level of visibility than traditional Chinese fir, oak, pine and birch. But we believe that the market space of bamboo plate has not yet opened, the use of value has not been fully play.

So how should the full play of the value of bamboo plate? Now in front of the fact that the market is solid wood wood market supply declining year by year, at home and abroad on the harvest of bamboo has a strict control, theft and deforestation becomes full of risks. And bamboo bamboo plate came into being, from the material and visually speaking, bamboo plate completely no less than the common solid wood sheet, and physical and mechanical properties more prominent, such as the biggest shortcomings of solid wood sheet - cracking, and bamboo plate no, wood Usually have a wooden section, and bamboo fresh natural, give you a refreshing enjoyment.

Bamboo board the most superior performance, easy to use the characteristics of processing, there is sufficient supply, the advantages of green, bamboo plate market has become increasingly broad. We believe that let more people understand the bamboo plate to bamboo for wood, to bamboo wins wood, bamboo plate can make the value of a better play.