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Formaldehyde-free Wood Plastic Outdoor Wallboard Manufacturer

Jul 30, 2018

Many people is decorating the house may feel formaldehyde emission is one of the most dangerous gases, and according to the survey that people get sick because of the formaldehyde is also much more special, so when decorating choice of material is also vital, for formaldehyde-free wood plastic outdoor wall panel manufacturer, these are not problems, because of its unique material principle to these harmful objects release decomposition, not a bit causing air pollution to the environment, also won't cause harmful to human body phenomenon, because this product is main formaldehyde-free.

Raw materials selection

Outdoor wall panels now are basically choose wood plastic, this kind of material is through the stone and wood fiber, and the traditional wood formation is a bit different, have the flexibility of use, to a large extent to ensure the stability, it is a kind of high polymer synthetic materials, has good resistance to pressure, for ordinary wood increased a lot of strength, high durability will be special, even if long time use will not happen any deformation, more not bacterium occurs or a bug eat by moth, and the special raw material for preventing moisture and mildew are useful.

High quality

Traditional outdoor wallboard is usually made of wood, all know that the service life of the timber is limited, but also easy to damp or other changes, is a bit not worth for outdoor use, but use this wood plastic plate materials, all these problems will not appear, the basic fire mildew is able to do it, but also can do for uv and high temperature resistance, will not release harmful gases, for outdoor use with good pressure resistance, cleaning is especially convenient, because the water is relatively small, not some effects on the product inside.

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