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Excellent Properties Of Wood - Plastic Composites

May 22, 2017

To wood-plastic building profiles, for example, the appearance of its finished products and texture resembles the wood, and wood and the same processing performance, construction performance.Compared with the wood compared to wood-plastic composite profiles have better resistance to water, corrosion and other functions, and there is no natural defects in wood, such as cracks, warping, scar junction, significant color and so on.And wood-plastic composite profiles contain a variety of chemicals, can resist pests.In addition, the wood-plastic extruded products cross-section design flexibility, you can design decorative decorative structure and a variety of functional structure, and wood products, functional structure and decorative structure is often limited by the processing methods, many decorative effect is difficult to achieve.

At present, China has not yet on the product performance and the use of high requirements of wood-plastic composite products for large-scale development, its own advantages have not fully demonstrated, such as wood-plastic windows, wood-plastic sleepers and wood TheBut at the same time we should also see that some companies have already started, such as Jiangsu Changli Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. developed the wood-plastic composite sheet coextruded polystyrene insulation material held in 2009, Cologne, Germany, wood-plastic composite materials WPC) Awards.

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