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Does The Balcony Have Natural Materials?

May 03, 2018

Wood-plastic deck maintenance

In any case, getting along with the wood deck is dry for a long time. The rot is basically due to fungal reproduction. Fungi like water and oxygen. We can't stop oxygen, so let's try to prevent it from getting wet and dry. The degree of drying is important because the service life is different between the sun's south side and the wet north side. Also, don't forget to clean the soil of bacteria and dust that will corrode the deck. Even if moss grows, brush it off with a brush. Wash thoroughly on sunny days, so let's be careful not to leave water droplets on the board. In addition, if pots, etc., are left for a long time, they will be attenuated by moisture, so move regularly and contact the air.

Among customers who have been using wood-plastic decks for years, even those who try to dry charcoal under a wood-plastic deck. It's important to be so dry. By the way, this kind of drying is also effective for termites, so we have to dry thoroughly. The warmth of secret wood compared to metal and concrete, wood feels warm when you touch wood. This is due to the low thermal conductivity. Wood contains a large amount of air in a small cavity and has no heat transfer characteristics.

This property is warm when touched. When a wood-plastic deck is installed on a balcony or balcony, it absorbs the intense heat of the sun in the summer and dissipates heat through reflection. The stylish combination of wooden decks and awnings you see usually regulates the temperature in the room naturally. It can be said to be an ecological life. In addition, this cavity and air absorb ultraviolet rays and sounds, resulting in a mild appearance and a quiet life. When installing a wood-plastic deck on the balcony or apartment's balcony, you need to confirm it with the management company. Because there may be regulations such as evacuation routes. Please be sure to check in advance whether the wood deck can be installed.

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