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Coowin Wood Plastic Science Knowledge

Jun 23, 2017

WPC Board Strength Influence Factor


For general building board, one of the most basic requirements is it would not break within a scope of the certain bearing. We usually call the standard which used for measure the strength of board as “Bending Strength” ( or call it “Breaking Strength” ). So how much the bending strength can wood-plastic composite  achieve?


Actually the HDPE composite board’s on the market usually between 1500 psi and 4400 psi ( same as 10.34 MPa to 30.34 MPa ) at present. Can be used for decorative or low use frequency field. But for Barefoot high strength wood plastic composite board, the number can reach 4000 psi and 6200 psi ( same as 27.58 MPa to 42.75 MPa ) according to random laboratory data. So it can not only satisfy the normal decorative requirement, but also match the field which require higher strength, higher safety. Such as hot crowded shopping mall ground, engineering bridge, special used pallet, mountain stairs.

According to laboratory data and market experience, the influence factors of wood plastic material strength expect the raw materials themselves ( those means plastic polymers, wood powder, coupling agent, additives,etc. ), external environment also has certain influence on the strength of the composite board. One of the most important factor is the temperature. When the temperature change from natural temperature to 120°F~130°F ( approximately equal to 48.8℃~54.4℃ ). So during the daily use should avoid putting the board in high temperature environment for a long time. In order to maintain its bending strength and prolong service life.