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Composite Wood, Retaining Timber's Characteristic.

Sep 20, 2017

Humans use the wood began to tens of thousands of years ago. Its unique smell, rich texture, affinity skin's touch have always been loved by humans. Wood is also easy to sanding, cut, glue and can be made into any shape with the owner's will. Meanwhile, wood is easy to get and the price is cheap, even this era its still a common decorative material. 


But it has to be acknowledged that the production of wood decorative materials has compromised the environment. To protect the environment, Coowin invented wood plastic composites (WPC) replace the wood. It inherits the smell, texture and touch of the wood, and eliminates the wood imperfection of non-durable. The WPC is applicable to any area where wood can be used and its does not need to be as troublesome as maintaining wood. 

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Waterproof Anti-UV Outdoor Interlocking WPC Decking/WPC Flooring