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Composite Flooring , Seven Secrets You Don't Know

Oct 09, 2017

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Secret one:

The higher the density, the better, isn't it? The higher the density, the better the compression effect, the higher the intensity. For plastic or real wood flooring, the higher the density, the easier the flooring absorbs water, then expansion, resulting in deformation. The density of the composite flooring has be calculated and tested strictly, and achieved the optimum density.

Secret two:

If the flooring has some distortion and cracking problems shortly after installation, probably due to improper installation.Be sure to keep the ground flat and control details when installing the flooring.

Secret three:

Most no-formaldehyde flooring is only formaldehyde emission small, relatively safe. In here, particularly recommend the Coowin brand wood plastic composite (WPC) flooring. It takes shape in high temperature, high pressure and vacuum conditions, really doesn't contain formaldehyde.

Secret four:

Anti-fading is not the color doesn't change! The composite flooring contains unique color master batch, and in the three months after installation, the color master batch will exhaust the redundant color according to environmental conditions. At this time the flooring is more natural, the appearance is closer to solid wood, the visual effect is better.

Secret five:

Recycled materials do not equal inferior materials! There is no gap of performance between the recycled materials and the new material. In fact, because the recycling process is more stringent, the higher price product is the recycled material.

Secret six:

Maintenance-free do not equal no maintenance required, necessary cleaning and timely treatment of pollutants can help extend the life of the floor.

Secret seven:

Many high-grade clubhouse looks like "solid wood" flooring, actually is composite wood flooring. In terms of affinity skin and appearance, the composite flooring is the same as the upscale real wood floor.

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