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Comparison Of PVC Wood - Plastic Composites And PE Wood - Plastic Composites

Jul 03, 2017

PE wood-plastic composite materials generally HDPE recycled material as the main raw material, lignocellulose added amount is generally 50% -70%, individual cases can be more than 70%, but the proportion of lignocellulose join should not be the pursuit of the industry A simple goal. The performance of HDPE (mechanical strength, MI value, impurity content) directly affect the performance of the product. Many manufacturers generally use 40 mesh rice bran (light foot wood plastic is used 80 mesh poplar powder), but the product after grinding the surface has a clear white point, affecting the appearance, and later changed to wear more fine grain bran; in order to Improve the mechanical properties of the product, reduce the rice bran minerals in the machine wear, switch to bamboo powder instead of rice bran; later found that untreated bamboo powder made of the product surface is easy to mold, so now most manufacturers to wood Powder as cellulose. In addition, wheat straw, cotton stalk, sugar cane stalk, coconut shell and so on into the powder as a cellulose use, but these did not form a batch. Plastic also choose PP, PS, ABS, etc. used to produce special performance, special supplies products. PE wood-plastic composite materials in all aspects are more suitable for outdoor use, good weather resistance, strong wood, easy to secondary processing, widely used in outdoor decoration materials.


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PVC wood-plastic composite materials mainly to PVC as raw materials, wood powder added less, generally a certain degree of foam treatment. Product density, light weight, high dimensional accuracy, the appearance of fine, bright colors. Its production process is relatively stable, the product surface can be embossed, film, color and other treatment. The disadvantage is that the poor weather resistance of PVC creep recovery is relatively poor, mainly for interior decoration. In recent years there are a lot of used as building templates.