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Coextruded Wood - A New Generation Of Reinforced Composite Products

Jun 16, 2017

In recent years, with the development of technology, the second generation of plastic wood co-extruded wood, came into being. It is made using the most advanced extrusion technology in the industry, and the surface of the plastic wood is uniformly and firmly covered with a coextruded layer. The use of this new technology to produce coextruded wood, in addition to retaining the traditional plastic wood mold, pest control and other physical performance advantages, but also has a stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, anti-fouling and weathering performance, more beautiful and durable. Applicable to high-end outdoor landscape works. It is noteworthy that the biggest difference between the appearance of the co-extruded floor is that it is a layer of wood-plastic protective layer than the general product, it is because of the existence of protective layer, which greatly improve product life.

The traditional wood-plastic products are achieved through the synthesis of plastic and wood flour, through high temperature and other additives, the plastic and wood powder together. Common PE is the main raw material, PVC-based raw materials, as well as PP and PS-based raw materials. No matter what kind of plastic-based raw materials, are the use of raw materials in the wood fiber to increase the fiber size, enhance the fiber strength of the product, so that the product has a certain rigidity and strength. Co-extruded material is not deformed, do not fade, the product of the raw material molecular structure is more stable, not easy because of the environment and chemical and physical changes.

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1. High environmental protection: no heavy metal composition, non-benzene content, formaldehyde emissions less than 0.02%, lower than the E1 level emission standards, no toxic gases, the real high environmental protection materials.


2. Energy efficiency: the effective use of natural resources, the protection of the ecological environment, with insulation and sound insulation function, reasonable application can improve the daily energy application function.


3. Weatherability: the absorption rate of water is almost zero, not mildew does not rot does not crack, with strong acid and alkali resistance, outdoor use under natural conditions, its characteristics do not change.

4. Flammability: do not have the characteristics of combustion, from the fire self-extinguishing, no fire after burning, no toxic gases.

5. Insect insects: wood fiber covered by polyester polymer, does not constitute the attracting of borers and termites, effectively eliminate insects harassment.

6. Easy maintenance: application performance is stable, easy to care to facilitate maintenance, saving maintenance costs.

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