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Carbonized Wood

Apr 14, 2017

The surface of the wood has a dark brown aesthetic effect, and has the role of anti-corrosion and anti-biological invasion, its water content is low, easy to absorb water, material stability, no deformation, complete degreasing non-fat, good insulation performance, simple construction, no special smell , Is the ideal sauna material, its surface carbonized layer can be analogous to wood paint, and highlights the surface of the gravitational grain. Deep carbonization of wood within the same color, wood soft silk-like glossy, texture becomes more clear, feel warm, and processing performance, to overcome the shortcomings of the product surface fluff.

The disadvantage is that carbonized wood should not be used in contact with soil and water environment, compared with the untreated material to reduce the nail force, it is recommended to use the first punch and then nail hole installation to reduce and avoid wood cracking. At the same time in outdoor use when the proposed anti-UV oil, to prevent the everlasting wood after the fade.