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Apr 14, 2017

Outdoor high resistance to bamboo material is the bamboo homeopathic cut into thinner long fiber, after dehydration, high temperature and high pressure, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability of the new high-tech outdoor timber. The same size of the compressive strength of bamboo is 2 times the general timber, tensile strength is 8-10 times the general wood for a variety of outdoor environment of the ground, wall decoration, with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, There are anti-termite, fire retardant, high hardness, is an excellent outdoor material. Excellent size, high stability, high compressive strength, high density, so that it can easily deal with harsh outdoor hot and humid, dry and cold and other special environment. Because of the late start of such materials, so the cost is high, in the production process, will not add any colorants, emphasizing the natural environmental protection of bamboo, so its color is single, generally brown, brown-based.