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Australia Forest Anti-Flame Outdoor Terrace Decking Project

Jul 04, 2017

Australia is close to the equator in geographic position, so the climate is sort of hotter and drier than other countries. And in such a hot and dry environment, the wooden material internal water would evaporate soon and some phenomenon like spontaneous combustion would happen easily too.

WPC decking.jpg

Wooden material has been used for long time, not only for its wide application, also because of human’s natural feeling pursuit. But since it’s a special situation in Australia, the demands of wooden material are much higher. So we would suggest to adapt the Wood - plastic composite for an alternative. This material is similar to nature wood in outer surface, but it has excellent performance of anti-flame and anti-ultraviolet, about 4 times more than nature wood. Wood plastic composite material itself is no harm to forest because of its recycled performance. Meanwhile, it reduce the harm to human body too, save money, offer more different creative art abilities. It can be accepted customized requests, including shape, texture, and color,so to match the customers’requests better.