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Application Of Wood - Plastic Composites In Landscape Architecture

May 26, 2017

Wood-plastic composite material (wpc) is a new type of energy saving, environmental protection, recycling, fashion and new materials, especially its wooden senses, plastic waterproof, anti-corrosion mold, not fade, no deformation, etc., is unique in modern landscape Preferred material. It is the promotion and application, but also our human protection of the environment, cherish nature, promote the development of low-carbon economy, the actual action.

In the modern landscape, in order to reflect the original ecological natural landscape effect, the common wood-plastic landscape products are mostly preservative wood products. But the anti-corrosion wood fade and the dry climate in the north and the four seasons caused by the cracking phenomenon can not be avoided, natural rot is also inevitable. Therefore, the general anti-corrosion wood products basic 3-5 years to be maintained and replaced once. Not conducive to energy conservation, conservation, is not conducive to environmental protection and long-term.

Wood-plastic composite materials with its unique production process and dual characteristics completely avoid the corrosion of wood in the landscape application of the lack of development and construction of the original ecological scenic area in the limelight, dominate, while the wood-plastic composite materials because of its fast and convenient installation , But also reduces the construction process of the destruction of the natural landscape, which indirectly play a protective environment, enjoy the ultimate goal of the environment.

Jiangsu Changli Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. over the years of development practice, we have for the system and the installation of many projects has become China's wood-plastic industry landmark project. Such as Beijing Olympic Forest Park, Shanghai 2010 World Expo boutique display recommended works, Shanghai World Expo Park exterior decoration works, Kunming duck duck villa project, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake agricultural ecological park project, Suzhou Shijia real estate exterior decoration works, Zhangjiagang Oyang Yamei Pavilion Siamese villa works. These key projects by the project owners and industry authority of the praise.

We have reason to believe that with the arrival of the era of low-carbon economy, with the global economic recovery, especially with the guidance of the major policy, the wood-plastic composite energy-saving recruits, will be shine in the modern landscape , Will certainly for our modern life to bring greater, more healthy and natural enjoyment.