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Application Of Intelligent Electrical Boxes In Building

Jul 05, 2017

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of the electrical equipment is also getting higher and higher, more and more complete function. But now the construction user Electrical Boxes is still using the traditional distribution model, the use of electrical equipment control monomer control, resulting in the use of great trouble, while bringing a relatively large waste of resources. In order to solve the above problems, our company designed and produced intelligent Electrical Boxes, the use of single-chip integrated control circuit integrated control to complete the various needs of people. The specific functions of the Electrical Boxes are as follows:

1, remote control

In the Electrical Boxes using computer processing procedures, according to the radio remote control, telephone remote control and user requirements (panel) to control, to achieve remote control.

2, full-featured

In addition to the original Electrical Boxes with the function: isolated off, overload, short circuit, leakage protection, but also to achieve a user-friendly operation control. With the timing, program control, monitoring, alarm and voice control, fingerprint recognition and other functions. Specific functions are as follows: 1) timing control: the use of computer program control, both established procedures control, but also manually set two functions, the lamps, electrical equipment, time limit control.

2) program control: according to living habits and daily requirements, the corresponding requirements into the computer for modular control. Daily control of electrical equipment: washing machine, rice cooker control, air conditioning control, lighting control, such as the implementation of a key or function key control.

3) Monitoring: According to the needs of doors and windows and indoor wireless, sound, infrared, vibration and other means to monitor, to achieve unattended and guardian function. With short-range video surveillance and alarm, as well as automatic fire control system.

4) alarm: the indoor smoke, harmful gas leaks to monitor and alarm. Mainly on the gas, fire, electrical fire, such as monitoring and alarm, including automatic protection.

5) emergency call: according to the need to set the elderly, the patient emergency call function, to protect.

6) sound control: the sound of electrical equipment for sound recognition, control the completion of human operation.

7) Fingerprint recognition: mainly used in the access control system, valuables protection above.

8) network control: according to actual needs, with the Internet, telephone connection, to achieve network control, including remote video surveillance.

3, hardware with

The corresponding circuit breaker and leakage protector are designed according to the design requirements to the Electrical Boxes; circuit control board using relays, SCR and transistor as the output, the electrical control; input modular interface, analog, Two ways; panel control using touch, remote control using radio or infrared control.

4, wiring method

As a result of centralized control, so the original thread must be replaced or increase the control signal, so piping must increase the model.

Cost Control

As the function is complete, the use of modular design, so the cost and function are complementary, full-featured cost is relatively high, the function of the corresponding lower cost. Can be based on the needs of users and units with different functions of the Electrical Boxes to fully reduce costs.

Market demand

According to market research, this intelligent Electrical Boxes used in large hotels, villas and other requirements of relatively high places, used in the high-end market. Construction requires the user's strong cooperation.

The use of the Electrical Boxes, you can greatly reduce the function of electrical equipment, reduce equipment costs, user-friendly operation greatly reduces the burden of use, security greatly improved.