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Acid Resistant Outdoor Decking

Aug 23, 2018

For those who are familiar with the decking, this material is very good when used in the decoration. The use of wooden decking at home will make our family warm. But it is also very troublesome to use, there are many places to pay attention to. Therefore, in most cases, everyone only uses wooden decking in the bedroom, and the living room, kitchen and bathroom are mainly decking tiles. However, along with the popularity of acid-resistant outdoor decking, we can also consider the wood decking in the decoration of these places, which will make the overall decoration effect of the room better.


How to achieve acid and corrosion resistance

Many people may wonder why today's decking can be resistant to acid and corrosion. In fact, what we said before is the wood-like decking, which means that it looks like a wooden decking, but there is a difference in essence. This type of decking is generally made of wood-plastic material, which is the combination of wood and plastic that we are familiar with. This material is very similar to wood in terms of touch, appearance and experience. However, because of the addition of plastics, corrosion resistance and foam resistance have been significantly improved, and it is more than enough for outdoor use.


Use of various additives

However, it must be noted that the impact and corrosion of the local board when it is used outdoors is very serious. If it is not enough to be waterproof and acid resistant, it needs to resist various outdoor factors such as sunlight. . Therefore, today's wood-plastic decking will add a lot of additives during the production process. With these additives, the service life and corrosion resistance of the wood-plastic decking will be greatly improved. These additives are harmless to our body, and they do not contain formaldehyde and everyone who hates it.